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4 Tips to Planning the Perfect Family Vacation at Phuket

June 4, 2020
Katathani Phuket Beach Resort

Planning a Phuket vacation for the entire family can seem like an intimidating thought, especially when it comes to planning an overseas beach trip. With some proper planning and preparation, however, the perfect beach experience is simply a few clicks away!


Rushing headfirst into booking and accommodations may have been fine when planning on your own, but taking your entire family with you may entail some added preparation and considerations. By sorting through some of the basics, you are geared to give the perfect getaway for you and your loved ones.


To help you in this regard, here are four basic tips to remember when planning the perfect family vacation in Phuket.


Look into reviews


One of the biggest concerns to resolve would be whether your trip will be worth the money and time. The simplest way to resolve this and set expectations is by combing through reviews of the area you’re visiting.


Phuket is an incredibly popular tourist destination, well-known for its breathtaking white-sand beaches and fun-filled attractions. As such, there have been numerous travel websites to have given their two-cents on the matter—simply give it a quick scan to grab a basic feel of where you’d like to go.


Search for travel deals


The age of tourism and traveling has only been improved by the advancements in technology. WIth cheaper airfare and safer flights, going overseas for a vacation has never been more convenient. To find the best deals, a simple Google search for travel deals to Phuket can yield various results for the best offers.


By allotting some time to go through the particulars, you can find great combo deals for your flight and hotel accommodation—saving you tons of money in the process. If you’re unsure of the validity, then you can try coordinating with travel agents for help. While their services might seem a bit expensive, they can point you to the best deals that can save you more money than you spent on their expertise fees.


Secure the best accommodation


A majority of you and your family’s free time will more or less be spent in the beach resort you’ve chosen—which is why securing the best one is a good choice to make your vacation perfect. While the price range might be a big concern, factor in the amenities that will be offered with your chosen venue. Simple additions such as access to an indoor pool, a healthcare facility, or even a free breakfast buffet can make a small increase in price worth the stay.


Look into rental transport


There is much to do in Phuket, which is why figuring out the basic modes of transport can be a good choice to take. While there may be numerous cheaper alternatives, choosing to take a rental vehicle can make it easier for those traveling in big groups. By choosing to take a rental, you won’t have to be time-constrained when thinking of transport to certain areas, as well as the simple convenience that everyone is safely traveling together in one vehicle.




Phuket beach vacations are some of the best family vacations you can have, which is why proper planning and execution is necessary to have it as smooth-sailing as possible. If you’re stumped in looking for an excellent place to stay at, then the Katathani Phuket Beach Resort should be your top option.


Whether you’re simply staying in for a relaxing resort experience or going out for the full experience of the island, we’re the best place to set-up shop for your perfect vacation. Get in touch with us today and start booking one of the best accommodations available in Phuket.

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