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5 Tips on How to Plan for a Group Beach Vacation

May 14, 2020
Katathani Phuket Beach Resort

A trip to the beach is a relaxing goal to envision, but it’s not so pretty when you realize that you’ll have to plan a trip with a group of people. Whether you’re planning a trip with your close friends or a holiday reunion with your family, dealing with the logistics of a group beach vacation can easily feel like a monumental task.

The best way to plan for group vacations

With your solo travels, you might have to prepare less since you don’t have to consider other people’s travel wants and needs. Figuring out how to plan a vacation with a group, on the other hand, is a matter of breaking down tasks that you should look out for.

In this article, we’ll share with you five tips for planning a group beach vacation:

1. Take care of your attendees

A smart vacation planner needs to take important note of the attendees’ essentials, such as food allergies and medication, to ensure a safe trip. Being in a group means that you’ll have to give considerations to the people you’re with. It’s best to hear them out so that you can plan around how they will enjoy their vacation the best way they want to experience it.

2. Set limits on the budget

Figuring out your budget is where most people tend to give up and attempt to take matters into their own hands. You should always account for the different parts of your expenses ranging from travel, food budget, booking fees, and more. Setting a budget ceiling will make it easier for you to make decisions on finding the best locations for the trip.

3. Perform research on your lodging

Knowing what your group’s needs and budget are will ultimately help you trim down your lodging options. After settling on your budget limitation, check both customer reviews and the social media accounts of a vacation hotspot. Consider looking for beach resorts that offer a great value on group discounts and have an inviting set of activities in store for everyone.

Depending on your budget, you could opt to stay a nearby inn that’s only a few minutes away from the nearest beach or opt to splurge on your lodging to cut down on transportation costs. The Katathani Phuket Beach Resort is an excellent beachside destination as it’s located in the beautiful Kata Noi Bay and comes with plenty of incredible amenities. You can arrange excursions by day and enjoy the sunset from your resort by night!

4. Designate varied meal plans

Part of enjoying the beach is roaming around and getting to see the sights nearby, which includes looking around local souvenir shops and restaurants. As a vacation planner, it’s not your job to always keep the group together, especially when it comes to dinner schedules.
People like to eat different things just as much as they want to spend their vacation differently.

5. Stay loose with your itinerary

A vacation is meant to be an escape away from deadlines and curfews. In contrast to how strict you should be with regards to your budget, you should know when to be strict and when to be flexible when it comes to the itinerary. Some people might want to take an extra hour on the beach, while others might need the extra two hours of lounging in their bedroom. Remember to be lenient with the schedule so that everyone can make the most out of their vacation.

Nevertheless, strict deadlines, such as check-outs and activity reservations, should be followed so that you don’t lose out on your other planned activities or incur any late fees. It’s best to communicate with each other’s plans so that you can reach a verdict on when to set free time and when to impose non-negotiables.


Dealing with bookings and reservations is the bulk of the stress when it comes to planning a group holiday getaway. Finding the right lodging accommodation is half the battle when it comes to planning your vacation.

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