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Based on picturesque Phuket Island and established by a native family, Katathani Hotel is dedicated to empowering and protecting the local people
and local environment which has enabled the eco-friendly Phuket resort to thrive over nearly three decades.

In cooperation with Katathani’s philanthropic branch We Love the Hometown Foundation
Our sustainable Phuket resort has received numerous international Responsible Tourism awards and certifications regarding environmentalism, safety, and customer service.





  • 1.

    Protection of the Sea - Katathani voluntarily treats the local community waste water at its treatment plants.

  • 2.

    272 Million Liter Rain Water Reservoir - The Katathani reservoir nearby hotel grounds sustainably eases strain on the severely limited island water supply.

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    Solar panels provide thermal energy for water heating in showers and faucets.

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    Ko Green is Katathani's organically-produced and bio-degradable soaps created at the resort.

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    Winner of the Phuket Zero Waste Contest, Katathani hotel recycles at least 80% of all waste, and is constantly in the process of finding new and creative ways to reduce our waste still further. We conduct ongoing training for all of our staff, hold annual sustainability exhibitions for staff and guests, and support fun, creative events (such as our “Recycled Dress Contest”!) for our staff so that we can support each other in achieving a greener hotel, and a greener world.

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    Katathani's used bottle caps from re-usable glass bottles are donated to manufacturers of prosthetic limbs.

  • 7.

    Katathani hosts a professional beach cleaning team
    who clean Kata Noi Beach twice daily during the rainy season
    (when sea currents are strongest) and every second day during the high season.
    We also have daily staff teams who conduct litter patrols throughout the day 365 days per year. In addition, we sponsor regular Big Beach Clean events in which we invite guests, staff, and local community members, including school children, to volunteer in a collective effort to keep Kata Noi Beach pristine.

  • 8.

    At Katathani, we take pride in educating local students regarding island environmental protection through programs such as "Environmental Detectives”. 
    In this yearly project, students work together with Katathani sustainability team leaders to solve environmental case studies related to the beach and the sea. We are particularly proud of our youth-oriented sustainability projects because we know: Children are the Future of Sustainability.

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    Environmental Detectives

  • 10.

    Ko Green Product

  • Result

    Katathani has saved millions of USD over the years by implementing comprehensive sustainability projects.
    A substantial portion of these savings are donated through the We Love Hometown Foundation
    for the restoration and maintenance of local facilities.
    These savings would not be possible without our dedicated staff’s commitment to our sustainability goals,
    and so a portion of these savings also goes to support Katathani staff in times of crisis and to encourage ​
    and celebrate with them in times of joy, such as birthdays, staff parties, trips and other special functions.

    Sustainability Information about Katathani

    Overview Documents

    World Soil Day 2019 – “Stop soil erosion, Save our future” Read more

    Responsible Tourism Policy and Accomplishments: Info Sheet (1 page, 2012)

    Media Articles

    O’Neil, Tamsin (2012, March) Phuket With Principles. Green Magazine, pages 86-93.

    O’Sullivan, Janet (2011) Warm Meets Fuzzy. Luxury Travel Magazine, pages 115-118

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