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Stay Safe with Katathani

We hope that you and your loved ones are safe and well and that, despite the challenges of the past few months, you are ready to join with us in opening the world up to new adventures.

We wanted to update you and assure you that Katathani Collection has worked very hard within the past few months creating a safe, welcoming and pleasurable environment. 100% of our team has truly worked hard to ensure the best and safest possible experience. We created:

Stay Safe with Katathani Collection


Safe Place

We have redesigned the layouts at all of our facilities and set guest capacity limits at every outlet.  Signage has been placed to remind guests to follow safe practices.   All of our resorts offer ample public spaces, which is perfect to keep safe distances but not too distant.


Safe Process

We defined our new norms and redesigned all of our service processes. New safety protocols and SOPs have been introduced to ensure that key safety processes and critical points are followed.

Safety Protocol = Preparation, Screening, Registration, Service, e-Payments, Cleaning, Disinfectin


Safe Stay

We have introduced touchless technology for check-in/check-out as well as a private e-butler and digital menus to ensure minimal touching.  Ecolab chemicals, UVC and Ozone machines will be used to disinfect the rooms and critical areas.  Pools will be checked regularly to ensure safe chlorine and pH levels.   Meals will be served in individual portions to ensure zero contamination. 


Safe People

We will offer personal protection equipment to the staff and guests.   Our staff will be screened daily before work and during work hours as well as they will be requested to install a tracing application that protects personal data.   For tracing purposes, a QR scan will be offered to our guests before and after using our outlets. 



Our in-house clinic* with an experienced nurse is available daily.  We also offer a COVID testing package from Bangkok Hospital.  Additionally, we work with stalwart professional third parties such as Thailand Safety and Health Administration, to evaluate our practices to ensure the best and safest standards.

* In-house clinics are available at The Sands Khao Lak and Katathani.


In closing, explore our wonderful destinations knowing that safety, convenience and wonderful memories will be created at Katathani Collection.  On behalf of the entire Katathani team, thank you for your wonderful and continued support. A truly unique Thai hospitality experience awaits you and it will be an honor to be able to serve you.




Stay Safe with Katathani


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