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Katathani Phuket Beach Resort – Our Guide to Different Thai Wedding Packages in Phuket – What to Know

February 18, 2020
Katathani Phuket Beach Resort

Wedding ceremonies vary depending on the cultural trends of the times, and Thailand is by no means an exception. The tropical country is a dream destination for couples who want to tie the knot in an exotic location, but the best part is that plenty of resorts and villas offer distinct choices for the couple: Western or Thai.

Choosing the latter comes with a difference in traditions, but the unique format can elevate the experience for those who want a different way to exchange vows. If you’re traveling to Phuket from countries like Europe, the US, Canada, Australia, and more, the list below should clue you in on the exciting aspects of celebrating your wedding the Thai way:

Southern Style: Multicultural Mix

1. Phuket “Baba” Style Wedding

Also known as the Peranakan wedding, it’s a style that is native to southern Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore. It explores the region’s tin mining industry and captures its glory days by replicating the colorful style, such as using red lanterns to embellish the venue.

The bridal party can also celebrate the tradition by wearing a long lace dress with the Pate, a Malay style batik sarong, and timeless accessories like gold necklaces, brooches, and beaded sandals. Adding a lively parade can up the ante, but the cultural ceremony takes the cake as it promotes good luck, prosperity, and fertility for the couple.

2. Water Blessing

All Thai wedding packages in Phuket include the water blessing, which is a ceremony that includes pouring water over the hands of both the bride and groom using a special fluted cup. The couple should be kneeling with their palms together over a bowl, while the groom’s parents spearhead the tradition.

The bride’s family should follow in pursuit, and then other guests can also pour water as a sign of their blessing. Keep in mind that this style is not recommended for grand celebrations as sitting on your knees can be physically taxing for the couples.

3. Monk Blessing

Those who want a one-of-a-kind experience are in luck as Phuket offers different wedding packages, such as the monk blessing wherein couples invite monks to give their grace. This is ideal for couples who want a morning ceremony as the daylight plays a pivotal role in adding a spiritual element to your big day.

The tradition requires couples to present monks with food to make merit, but the bride and groom need to eat the dishes before midday as monks are not permitted to eat in the afternoon. After the food offerings, the ceremony moves forward in a spine-tingling way as monks chant their prayers to bless the couple’s journey as husband and wife.

In Conclusion

Reputable resorts and villas in Phuket offer a wealth of wedding packages for all couples, be it for catering to western ceremonies or guiding foreign couples on Thai celebrations. Different regional and religious influences mean that every engagement differs, allowing the couple to say “I do” to their love while immersing themselves in exotic cultures. If you’re looking for the perfect resort in Phuket that will help smoothen out the entire planning process, get in touch with Katathani Phuket Beach Resort today!