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Tips on Having the Best Unwinding in Phuket

March 12, 2020
Katathani Phuket Beach Resort

Sometimes, it all gets a little too much- work, family, bills, taxes, or stress. You wish there are times you could escape from everything in paradise. What better location to unwind than Phuket? There are magnificent beaches, crystal clear waters, fantastic seafood, and beautiful memories that will stay on your heart for years to come.


Planning a trip to Phuket can be overwhelming, especially for a first-timer. There are a lot of things to consider: activities, accommodation, food, and Instagrammable places you need to visit. Although there are already well-established resorts for you to stay in like Katathani Phuket Beach Resort, you also need to consider other things as well. Lucky for you, we’ve crafted a select list to make your unwinding in Phuket. Read on to find out!


Choose Your Travel Buddies


Nothing beats the company of people you can connect with on a beach holiday. Your beach buddies can make or break your entire trip, so you should selectively choose them. It’s not a snobbish act because you’re only invested in juicing every drop of fun and excitement you can get from your money. Having someone you hate on the tip can ruin your mood and make you feel like you’re wasting money down the drain. After all, you’re bound to enjoy the experience better with friends or family that share those memories with you.


Plan to Be in an Ideal Location


Location is critical in every travel! All Phuket destinations like Patong, Karon, Chalong, and Kata are worthy of being called tropical paradise. In choosing a location, it’s crucial to consider the area within your target location. The prices of activities and accommodations should be within your budget. Since the goal for this trip is to break free from the shackles of stress, it’s essential to choose a location near your fields of interest- nightlife, water sport activities, or the spa.


Strategically planning your trip makes the experience look more seamless and enjoyable compared to on-the-spot planning. Planning takes the stress away and gives you the chance to immerse yourself in vacation mode fully.


Book Your Stay with a Hotel that Offers Excellent Service


Your accommodation can ruin or save your vacation. It doesn’t matter if you’re having the best time of your life doing various activities but end up staying in a transient place with no working electricity. In the morning, you find yourself covered in mosquito bites and cancel any plans for the day because you needed medical attention. Choosing the right hotel like Katathani Phuket Beach Resort makes the trip feel more like a vacation than a nightmare.


Disconnect from the Internet


You’ll never get to fully enjoy the island experience if you continue to check your phone for updates. In the digital age of social media, we’re bound to check our phones once every five minutes. If you’ve paid good money for a holiday getaway in Phuket, you might as well use every cent of it basking in the breeze of the sea while the sun shines down, smiling.


To get the ultimate Phuket experience, book your stay with Katathani Phuket Beach Resort now!